Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Do You Say To Taking Chances?

Today I'm home sick. I have left my couch long enough to make it to my bed and that's about the extent of my day. I have watched an unsettling number of episodes of Numb3rs and a Lisa Ling documentary series on Netflix. However, as I sit here watching quite possibly my twelfth hour of television, I am so grateful for the decision I made to become my own boss!

I had a plan for leaving my job to work from home. I needed to be at X level in my Scentsy business, I needed to be bringing in Y amount from my Etsy business, I needed to have Z amount in the bank account and THEN I could do it because I would have it all figured out. As it turns out, sometimes plans are just plans and they may never see action.

When I recently left my job, neither X, Y, nor Z were where I had intended them to be but I made a conscious decision to get them there. I knew this was my ONE chance to take my life into my own hands. I had to ask Zach to trust me and give me a little time to prove that this would work. Thankfully, he obliged....begrudgingly but he obliged. I realized that there really may never be a perfect time for someone to take a risk on their future. Your own X, Y, and Z may never be where you "need" them to be to change your life and less than a month after leaving my job I certainly wouldn't try to tell you that I'm there yet. But I'm on my way. I'm getting there. On my terms, on my schedule, with only myself to answer to and that is a pretty cool feeling.

In the last month there have been a couple of times where I had to remind myself why I'm doing what I'm doing. I scrolled through the employment ads and thought wouldn't it be EASIER to just apply to a few of these and go back to what I know? Wouldn't it be SAFER to just conform to the 9 to 5? Wouldn't my outcome be GUARANTEED if I just did what everyone around me was doing? Probably. Maybe. Sure. But would I be happy? Would I be doing what I wanted with my one life?

In the last year I have told myself constantly "this is my ONLY life." Finally, whether I was prepared or not, I'm living it. Sure, I have a long way to go. I have a lot of real work to put into this chapter of my life to get it where I want it to be but if I don't take that chance now, when would I?

So today, I'm grateful to my boss for letting me stay home and rot my brain away with Netflix. I promised her that tomorrow I'll get something accomplished.

"But what do you say to taking chances? What do you say to jumping off the edge? Never knowing if there's solid ground below, or a hand to hold, or hell to pay...what do you say?"
-Celine Dion

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