About Me

Hi, I'm Leah! I'm a twenty-something city girl who was transplanted into country living just a couple of years ago! It has truly been like getting used to a different world out here and not always a good kind of different. I can't yet say that I'm thriving in it but I'm surviving and I'm learning. I've got a pretty good coach, though, he's the reason I moved out here to begin with; my through-and-through country boy, love of my life, Zach! We're an odd pair, that farmer and me, but we're making memories all the while! 

 I've spent the last year building a relationship with God and am excited to see where He takes me in the years to come. After leaving my full time job recently, I have put my path in His hands completely! I am ready to be a light for Him in all that I do and work for Him first and foremost. Leaving my job has also given me the opportunity to focus on one of my biggest passions, my business as an Independent Scentsy Consultant! I am excited to grow my business during this new phase of my life and meet other successful women as I go. Check out my website by clicking this picture!

 I started this blog to document my many mishaps and victories as a city mouse living in the country, my journey of faith and following my Lord, and my path to Scentsy success! Thanks for joining the ride!

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